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7 Trending Nail Designs for 2023 Christmas

Aren't freshly manicured nails the ultimate outfit completer? Oh, that newly buffed and polished feeling can lift any mood!

So, why not carry that same energy into the cooler season? Just because we've bid adieu to our summer routines, doesn't mean we should forego all the fabulous winter nail designs awaiting us.

Christmas 2023 Nails Trends

While colored chrome and micro French tips ruled the summer scene, winter 2023 is warming up with a chic fusion of classic favorites and extravagant detailing. Picture audacious accents, luxe 3D details, and finishes inspired by the snug textures of your favorite winter wear.

Whether you're a DIY nail-art pro or looking for the next inspiration for your salon visit, I've got you covered. Here are the top nail trends that will keep you stylish throughout those chilly months...

Must-Try Nail Designs for Winter 2023

Mermaidcore Mania

The spell of Disney’s latest "The Little Mermaid" has cast a chic wave on the nail fashion scene. Mermaidcore nails are splashing their way into our Insta feeds, featuring pearl add-ons, metallic aquatic shades, and 3D shell designs. This whimsical nail trend is an absolute mood for the season!

Lustrous Lip Gloss Nails

Shiny, pinky-nude nails are enjoying the limelight. They've been flaunted by celebs like Margot Robbie and JLo, quickly becoming a red carpet go-to. This straightforward, classy trend can be spruced up with some diamond detailing for that extra dazzle.

All Christmas 2023 Nails Trends

Velvet Enchantment

Imagine matching your velvet winter clothing with your nails! Fear not, we’re not proposing fabric-glued cuticles. Velvet nails are crafted using a shimmery magnetized polish. The manicurist wafts a magnet over it to simulate the velvety texture. The process is nothing short of a magical spectacle!

Molten Metal Extravaganza

Feeling adventurous this season? Molten metal nails are set to add a grunge twist to every ensemble. This style extends chrome nails' charm, combining metallics, 3D flourishes, and all the colors of the rainbow. A perfect break from the regular neutral-toned nails.

Frosted Glitter Revival

The '90s have dialed in with a delightful flashback! Frosted glitter nails are a chic answer to the Y2K frosted eyeshadow movement. Just a layer of sheer, micro-glitter polish, and voila, your winter nails are sorted.

Trending Nail Designs for Christmas

Blush Aura Brilliance

For fans of pinks and neutrals, blush nails are a godsend. This Korean trend features a pink base with a central tonal aura that mirrors blush makeup. Experiment with color combinations, but pink blush nails are an excellent initiation into minimalist nail art.

Timeless Red

Red nails are an evergreen style statement. Thanks to TikTok’s viral "red nail theory," classic red nails are making a big comeback. The theory suggests that wearing red nail polish attracts more male attention. Whether or not you buy into that, a classy red, ranging from bright candy apple to dark maroon, is always a chic choice.

7 Trending Nail Designs for Christmas


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