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3 Beauty Trends That Will Dominate 2023

Three New Trends in the World of 2023 Beauty Products – More Inclusive, More Minimalist and More Personalized.

Our lives are changing, and with it we acquire new habits and a realization that we need to change our routine as we have known it. This understanding will translate into 3 main new trends in the world of beauty products – we’ll see an increasing number of consumers who aspire to simplify and refine their lifestyle and lead a waste-free life (unlike the extravagant and wasteful aggressive current discourse), and we’ll see that consumers hope to adjust their skincare routine to their new life after the pandemic.

New Year, New Segments

This past year has been hard, and as part of the many challenges it has faced, the beauty industry needed to handle market segments it hasn’t excelled in the past, such as products that are suitable for diverse types of skin. Consumers demand and receive a representation of a variety of skin types and complexions (oily skin, acne-prone skin, UV ray sensitive skin, etc.) They also demand a better understanding of the more complex skincare needs. All the beauty companies that had ignored these needs in the past, are about to correct these mistakes during 2023. A company who has been doing this quite impressively, is the beauty brand MELÉ skincare who recently launched a line of products for skin rich with melanin. There’s also the beauty magazine EADEM, who’s content writers are women of color, and will soon launch a line of beauty products for the platform followers.

“The buying power and the talent that exists within the Black community can no longer be a second thought within the industry—it needs to be prioritized” Nyakio Grieco, Founder of Nyakio Beauty and Thirteen Lune.

Less is More

Due to the simple and downscaled lifestyle imposed on us in 2022, consumers are fed up with makeup tables packed with endless serums and creams and in 2023 they’ll buy fewer yet more accurate products.

This new shrewd consumer approach will cause brands to launch structured skincare packs, containing 3-4 skincare steps (products), supporting the idea that consumers need a small number of products, yet effective ones. These kits will teach customers to simplify and optimize their daily skincare routine. For instance, I DEW CARE's new and popular skincare set contains 3 steps for day and night. Another example is La Roche-Posay’s “Acne Treatment 3-Step” kits.

Three New Trends in the World of Beauty Products

“The True Creator is Necessity, who is the Mother of our Invention”

These recent months, we can see a rise in a completely new skincare category, one that is meant to solve unique skincare issues that have happened due to our new pandemic lifestyle, such as: excessive hand washing, wearing a mask for long periods of time, and spending whole days indoors.

Let us begin with our new hand washing routine. Our hands were unprepared for this change; the constant rinsing strip the skin of essential oils and proteins that promote the hand skin in creating moisture. In order to assist the skin in restoring these, luxury skincare brands, such as Kate McLeod, Hanacure, Augustinus and Nécessaire, have launched soaps, hand sanitizers and advanced hand creams during the pandemic. In 2023, more popular brands are expected to join this trend and launch more products that answer these needs.

Furthermore, a new term has appeared in the field of beauty, the “Maskne”. This refers to acne that have appeared on the skin due to the long hours we wear face masks. The fact that this phenomenon has a term of its own isn’t much of a surprise – especially, if we take into account the growth of products that focus on this new skincare issue. The Korean beauty brand, had long launched nourishing skin mask strips, applied to the skin under the mask. Along with these products, there has been a massive increase in products that contain niacinamide, recommended by leading dermatologists to fight acne. One of the first brands to have started this trend is the mega popular The Ordinary, who launched in August a face powder made of 100% niacinamide. After it, other companies launched serums and creams for soothing and balancing the marks left on our faces by the mask.

excessive hand washing, wearing a mask for long periods of time, and spending whole days indoors.

In addition to all these, and due to our long stays at home staring at screens, there’s a need for products that protect our skin from blue light. In January, the company J.Lo Beauty launched a product that contains concentrated levels of SPF, meant to fight the damages of UV rays in and outside the house. Treating long term effects of blue light (hyperpigmentation, collagen degradation, a decrease of exposure to fresh air) is also a top concern for the recently launched brand Cellular MD, that offers a line of products that correct the DNA damages caused by blue light, such as this. Furthermore, in February, Goodhabit will release their Rescue Me Rest + Reset Mask and Moisturizer, created and products to assist the skin in fighting increased blue light exposure impact.

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