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Hello, I'm Or,
and I’m always curios!

I closely observe and analyze consumer behavior and cultural changes – to better understand and anticipate consumer trends.
In an ever-changing global climate, this blog is your guide to the trends market foresight.

What I do:
My research gives insight to community leaders and businesses on how to engage with future consumers. The data I provide helps build and shield brands from future trends, always being one step ahead of the game!

The methodology:
To understand the future, we must first grasp human behavior. By analyzing and observing how culture is shifting, i gain valuable insights into what's to come. I use these insights to identify and track emerging trends, as well as identify potential opportunities for growth. This helps me anticipate and prepare for what lies ahead, giving me a competitive edge in the market.  

It is my ultimate goal to provide you with a comprehensive guide to this ever-changing market landscape to ensure that you stay on top of emerging market trends!.

Let’s connect! 

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