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Hello, I'm Or,
An Israeli trend forecaster, researcher, public speaker, client strategist, and all-around global gal.

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 I’m an absolute geek for American culture and consumer behavior, and I’m over here thriving on decoding American cultural shifts and making bold predictions.


My purpose is to help community leaders predict and adapt to emerging trends. That’s why, when American businesses need to engage with their future consumers, they come to me. I deliver insights that keep them one step ahead of oncoming trends.


How do I always manage to seize those opportunities for success? Well, as an Israeli expert with an all-American mindset, I've got unique insider knowledge and industry know-how to anticipate trends across various fields. I use my skills to help businesses save time, money and resources by staying on top of what's hot and what's not, and honing in on high-demand products.


Simply put, my mission in life is predicting upcoming trends to help brands make smarter decisions, so that they steer clear of those fads that stink and sink faster than Henry after 8 pints ;)


But enough about work! In my personal life, I'm a proud mom of two rambunctious boys and a total pop culture junkie. Hey, a gal's gotta have a personal side too, right? Look close enough and you’ll often find me playing silly outdoor games with my two brilliant boys, engaged in meme fanaticism, laughing at funny GIFs, or discussing the latest in pop culture absurdities, all while guzzling my morning coffee.

Let’s connect! 

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