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Hey there, folks! Let's get to it and see what I have to offer!

I'm a trend consultant and strategy advisor, which makes me an expert when it comes to trends. I know what's hot, what's not, what's in, and what's out. But that's not all! I also speak to groups, companies and small communities.


And let's not forget about my 1:1 personal branding consulting. I'll help you take yourself from a nobody to a somebody in no time. 


And if you're interested in some really nerdy stuff, I’m known for conducting really phenomenal research reports on trend forecastings.



Pinterest Strategy & Pin Design

I build professional profiles and pin designs for blogs, products and online stores.


E-Commerce Specialist 

I create product-related content and imagery, manage the upload of e-commerce product plans for online retailers, and build SEO strategy to increase site traffic Q2Q.

E-Commerce Specialist .jpg


Social Media Story and Posts Design

I produce engaging social media content that increases online visibility and converts visitors to loyal customers.


Competitor Analysis for US Retailers and Studios

I develop brand identity through in-depth trend+competitor analysis to help distinguish brands in consumers' minds.

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