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Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021

Gone Are the Days of French Manicures or Nude, Natural Nails! Today It Is All About Colorful Acrylics, Extravagant False Nails, and Indie Nails for Fall 2021. Take a Look at Some of These Current Social Media Trends!

Let's start with two key terms in the world of nail trends today:

False Nails

The term 'false nails' has historically been associated with lower classes and branded as 'cheap' and 'fake' both in the industry and among consumers. Today, however, fake nails have become mainstream thanks to social media mega-influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj and Billie Eilish, who frequently showcase colorful nails that are out of the box, in different colors, lengths and textures. Therefore, when nail colors and texture trends change rapidly, consumers realize that artificial nails can give them the advantage of carrying the latest trendy looks, and keep up with the pace of trends.

Indie Nails

Towards the upcoming fall and throughout 2022, nail art trends will evolve even further. Aside from the common French tip trend and its many spin-offs, 'indie nails' will become the most popular manicure trend this season. Recent Pinterest searches show that searches for "indie nails" are surging up 21%, but what are they? Generally speaking, indie nails are whatever you want them to be - especially if they're multicolored, sparkling, or just out of the ordinary - so you end up with a completed manicure.

Now that we have covered these two key terms, we can turn our attention to the most popular nail style predictions for next season:

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The New

Coffin Nails

You can't miss out on these intriguing, edgy and totally in-style nail shapes. A coffin nail is long like a stiletto nail, but instead of a pointy end, it flattens out toward the middle. Though it is not the most pleasant of descriptions, it is true of this nail shape - angular and defined, and when done right it has very little rounding (some people alternatively call them ballerina nails). Get the look, with 7$ Classic Medium Coffin press on nails

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The New

Extra Ombre Nails

The Ombre hair trend has made its way into nail polish, but these days you don't have to choose the gradual Ombre style. This fall, the Ombre manicure is taking it to the next level, transforming from white to black or pink to yellow! There are no rules when it comes to beauty these days, so there is an endless amount of possibilities.

Get the look, 8.99$ Gradient Ombre Nails Kit- start with medium and go to the extreme

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The

Metallic French Tip

A New Year celebration is in order? Add an edgy metallic finish to your French manicure tips to level up the cool factor. This manicure style is a clever way to stay trendy, but not over the top.

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The New

Skittle Nails

Indecision rarely yields strong looks, but in the world of manicures it’s the hottest trend you can't escape every time you open Instagram. Skittle nails refers to applying different colors to different nails. Just like a bag of skittles, this trend embraces all the colors of the rainbow: there are no rules!

Get the look, 12.99$ Set of 4 Nail Polish for fully Skittle Nails style.

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The

Maximalist Mix-n-Match

Today, taking a quick look at Instagram is all you need to find endless nail selfies showcasing modern takes on the classic design. One of the latest manicure styles is the Maximalist Mix-n-Match.

Designed for those who can’t decide between prints and colors, perfect for those who want to mix the latest fall nail textures and patterns.

Get the look, 8.5$ Press-on Nails Black & White, embrace the drama!

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The

Fall Smiley Manicure

Google searches for "smiley face nails" have experienced a massive spike in the last year, primarily among 18-24 year-olds. This trend is part of the larger "indie beauty" trend among Gen Z. A smiley face design can be easily customized with different colors, shapes and details, and this style is a great way to incorporate fall colors into trendy designs.

Get the look, 8$ Smiley Nail Art Stickers, make your daily lives a bit more cheerful!

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The

Gold Manicure

Whether you like delicate details on your nails, or bling that blinds passersby, there are gold textures and styles to suit every nail shape and length.

Consider this trend to apply to your nails if you want to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The

Negative Space

The Negative Space nail style, which incorporates your own natural nail into your nail art, is a very sophisticated and eye-catching manicure choice. It is a way to create minimalistic nail art that feels more refreshing than a solid color manicure. In this fall, you can maintain a natural yet stylish manicure with some Negative Space designs.

6 Top Nail Trends for Fall 2021| In With The

Abstract Nails

As they don't have a strict set of rules, these

less-conventional nail looks are much easier to achieve.

Abstract manicures can be as simple or as complicated as you want; color blocks, squiggly lines, erratic dots, and anything that looks like abstract art rather than nail art are some of the most popular and attractive ideas.

Get the look, 9$ Abstract Nails Stickers, a little color goes a long way!

DIY 3D Leaf Design for Eye Catching Fall Look :

Are you interested in learning more about Nail Trends for 2021? Check out the Nail Art Section on our blog.


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