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Top 7 Creative Nail Artist of the Moment

The nail art bubble hit hard and fast this year, just like most other major beauty trends. Take a look at some of the most creative nail artists in the industry below.

Nail art has become much more than just nail polish this year and social media has given a platform for many nails enthusiasts to share their art and get recognized. It's now accepted as a way of self-expression and creativity that pushes the boundaries. For those looking to follow the work of a pro, there's no other place to look than Instagram - from oversized, colorful nails to intricate drawings and stunning 3D designs, there’s something for everyone.

From simple designs to gravity-defying works of art, you're going to find it all over here. We've narrowed down the best nail artist in the field for you.

Julia Kandalec, known as Julie K., has created nail looks for magazine covers, red carpets, and Essie campaigns over the past decade. Julie is also the creative director of Paintbox, an NYC nail studio that specializes in on-trend nail art. Her portfolio and Instagram showcase the best colors and styles from her nail salon in Manheten, New York City. Keeping up with Julie K's stylings is a great way to learn about the latest trends, as well as how to make a classic design into a nail art masterpiece.

Top 7 Creative Nail Artist of the Moment

Manicurist Mei Kawajiri is constantly creating perfect little masterpieces, whether she's painting nails for celebrities like Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid or designing runway sets like the one she did for Marc Jacobs' show. Kawajiri's manicures are anything but typical nail designs; she attaches nails to chains, adds rhinestones, design nails that look like pencils with mini-notebooks, and decorates nails with bows. She constantly redefines nail art through her boundary-pushing designs – follow her Instagram account to keep up with leading edgy trends.

7 Creative Nail Artist of the Moment

The Korea-born, Los Angeles-based nail artist Sojin Oh incorporates dead bees, seashells, and moss into her otherworldly, three-dimensional manicures. As former Yeezy creative producer, Oh was on a mission to find her voice when she enrolled in a nearby beauty school 18 months ago, on a whim. Her experiments with next-level claws began there: she used 5-free Bio-Seaweed Gel, "nail art is not considered environmentally friendly, but I want to be an advocate for saving the earth," she notes – and took her designs to new heights (literally!). As of now, Oh has made a name for herself as one of this industry's most promising young stars. Her waterdrop nails have gone viral, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rina Sawayama opting for her style. Oh is translating organic phenomena into sublime artwork with humor and consideration for a true nail art spectacle. She draws inspiration for her nature-themed designs from everything from her diving lessons with underwater sea creatures to her interactions with Björk and brushes used in her dad's ancient Korean calligraphy, to her early training days in traditional calligraphy brushes. If you are looking for an inspiring, trendy artist to catch up on a true nail art with, Ho IG account is a must!

 Top 7 Creative Nail Artist of the Moment

A Seattle-based nail artist and photographer, she is an expert at incorporating every nail art trend into a feminine and soft look. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed, can show us how talented she is. Her clean, aesthetic and geometric designs are both trendy and timeless.

Too much details on short nails can feel cumbersome, but celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein makes out-of-the-box manis look so elegant on short nails! She began her career in television production, which led her to fashion production, and from there to nail design for fashion and TV productions, due to the lack of full-time positions following the 2008 financial crisis. Today, she boasts 352,000 Instagram followers (and counting) and works with the world's most exclusive fashion houses and celebrity clients, including Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, and Bella Hadid. Due to the clever use of negative space and the inclusion of pearls, chains, and manicure rings (which she creates herself and is planning on selling under the name DoubleMoss Jewelry), her designs have a very glam appeal and are definitely eye-catching.

 Top 7 Creative Nail Artist of the Moment

Sophie Harris-Greenslade studied illustration in college, as you can tell by her original designs. Whether it's classic patterns (florals, plaids), gem-covered creations, or her amazing illustrated designs. There is no other nail artist that blends patterns and colors like she does. Follow her here and enjoy!

You will instantly fall in love when scrolling through this Instagram account.. Tessa Lynn is a mom of two who fell in love with nail art during quarantine and decided to share her passion on Instagram. She is very original with her designs and you can tell she's enjoying every of it! She shares all the products she uses on her Amazon profile.

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