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Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

With winter around the corner, it's time for us to get a glimpse of what our hands will look like before the next holiday season.

Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

Nail art and nail design have experienced rapid growth over the last few years, and increasing beauty awareness and social media trends are boosting the nail care industry. What was once an afterthought has become a place for creative expression with rhinestones, pearls, optical illusions, purple French tips and more. Furthermore, constant product innovation is keeping up with the beauty-conscious generation, which has a large following of both teenagers and adults. Following this surge in consumer interest, the Christmas nails design trends for 2021 (and winter in general) are expected to be more extravagant, bejeweled and eye-catching. Alternatively, if you are more classically inclined, you can try the negative space trend and incorporate some colors onto it, or you can just stick to the classics with the French tips trend .

Below you'll find some of the best inspiration from fashion week, top influencers on Instagram, and top nail artists:

Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

Metallic French Tip

Pick up a new twist on your classic French manicure this Christmas by using a metallic finish for a chic, edgy feel. This manicure style keeps you trendy, but not over the top.

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Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

Lipstick Nails

Social media is abuzz with this hottest nail shape of the moment! This south Korean trend incorporates angled pointed edges into rectangular and stiletto shapes. With the lipstick nails trend, you don't have to wear long nails - and you can wear them in a million different ways.

Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

Rhinestone Nails

Rhinestone nails may seem difficult, but they are stunning and one of the most elegant nail designs. Top nail artists have already presented some festive and chic nail art designs that you can use as an inspiration for this winter. In any case, if you're a highly extravagant individual, the possibilities are almost endless.

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 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends  .

Negative Space Manicure

This trendy manicure style involves keeping a part of the nail bed transparent, nude, or sheer pink. As it is such a classic yet trendy choice of manicure, negative space manicures with red tones will be quite popular this Christmas!

Christmas Nail Designs & Trends  .

Reverse French Manicure

No matter how long or how short your nails are, the reverse French manicure can be your trendiest choice this holiday season. Over the summer, the reverse French and round French gained traction, but we'll see a lot more of these styles this winter.

Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

Sterling Tips

This winter, all eyes are on metallic nails, but if you want to go a bit further, try painting a sterling strip or heavy drips across the tips.

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Top 2021 Christmas Nail Designs and Trends

Half-moon Cuffs

The same as with negative space manis, if you want to incorporate a design element into block color, you can use a simple cut-out detail at the cuticle. It is such an elegant and feminine trend that we've seen everywhere these past couple of months, and will continue to see this winter with chocolate and dark red colors.

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Christmas Nail Designs

Crocodile and Alligator Designs

In winter 2021, crocodile and alligator designs will surely be the most popular nail designs, as leopard were in 2019. Whether you have long or short nails, prefer matte or glossy finishes, or love a particular color, there's a version of crocodile nails that will catch your eye and make you run to the nail salon. Now that crocodile prints are starting to trend, nail artists' imaginations are running wild! Take a look at the #crocnails and #crocodilenails hashtags, and prepare to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.

Are you interested in learning more about Nail Trends for 2021? Check out the Nail Art Section on our blog.


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