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Nail Trends You Need To Try This Summer

If you are looking to refresh your manicure color palette after this long winter, summer 2022 is the perfect time to do so. Gone are the days of French manicures or nude, natural nails! - This summer it's all about the colorful tips, the extravagant acrylic nails, and the warm summer hues.

Take a peek at the newest summer nail trends for 2022, and you are welcome to take a screenshot and DIY!

Summer 2022 Nails Trends

Summer 2022 Nails Trends

Euphoria Nails

Euphoria makeup looks have become one of the show's most talked about themes. and there is no doubt that during season 2 the nail art steals the show!. Euphoria nail artist create spectacular looks episode after episode, and this summer everyone is trying to adopt one of these exaggerated styles, and rightly so!

The princess-pink oval nail design with diamond lines is some of Cassie's most recognizable nail art designs from the show so far.

Do it yourself with style:

You can shop this look straight from the Euphoria nail artist Natalie Minerva, she collaborated with and created the Euphoria Inspired Gel stickers collection.

Summer 2022 Smile

Summer 2022 Smile

Google searches for "smiley face nails'' have experienced a massive spike in the last year. It seems this trend is here to stay, and dominate as one of the fun and colorful styles of the season.

Do it yourself with style:

A smiley face design can be easily customized with different colors, shapes and details. Choose the easy way and DIY with smiley stickers, the choices online are endless!

The Half Moon Summer 2022 Nail Designs

Rose’ French Tip

Metallic French tips are the newest addition to French manicure style. Obsessed with this style as we are? Match

Your cold glass of rose' with a rose gold finish. This manicure style is a clever way to stay trendy, but not over the top.

Do it yourself with style:

The rose gold color has such a festive and breezy vibe, but you can also use a champagne hue or whit silver. This style is effortless and so chic!

Neon Summer 2022 Nail Designs

Neon Nails

Neon is the official summer 2022 color! From the look of top Instagram hashtags, it seems like #Neonnails are having a major moment right now. Everything from neon French tips to neon yellow stripes, you just need to choose your favorite and have fun with it.

Do it yourself with style:

This Neon Polish Kit is an excellent way to try this trend yourself, because the hues are just the right mix of trendy neon and summer breeze.

Ombre' Summer 2022 Nail Designs

Summer Ombre’

For Summer 2022, pastels are all the rage, and the Ombre manicure is heading up the trend! The possibilities are endless when it comes to summer Ombre' and there are no rules. From lilac to eggshell, pink to yellow, and more.

Do It Yourself With Style:

You can try this trend with these short press on Ombre' nails that are easy to apply, easy to remove, and have all the chic and style.

Summer 2022 Nail Trends

2022 Summer

You can decorate your nails with flowers in infinite ways, but if you're looking for a cool summer look, you can stick to 2022 summer minimalistic design. Simply draw a few small flowers on each nail using a nail dotting tool.

Do It Yourself With Style:

It's easy and chic to create this style with a package of cute nail stickers. You can choose Here from so many different designs!

Summer Trends 2022 Nail Designs

The Half Moon

No matter how long or how short your nails are, the half moon style can be your trendiest choice this summer. Half moons gained major traction over the winter after being featured on celebrities like Blake Lively, but don't worry, we'll see them a whole lot more this summer.

Do it yourself with style:

Acrylic Press On Kit - I choose the nude with half-moon white and gold bar detail. It is easy to apply, and it is the perfect match for those who don't want their nails to be that flashy but still want a trendy, clean look.


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