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Lupini Beans - The New Legume Trend You Need to Know About

If you haven’t heard of Lupini beans yet, you’re missing out on the latest legume trend. Lupini beans have been around for centuries, but are only now beginning to gain a lot of traction in the food industry and among health-conscious eaters. These beans are high in protein and fibre, low in fat, and provide a number of other health benefits that make them worth adding to your diet. Here is what you need to know about this new bean in town.

What are Lupini Beans?

Lupini beans are legumes native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. They have been used as a source of sustenance for hundreds of years due to their ability to be stored and eaten during times when food was scarce. Today they are gaining attention due to their high protein content (20g per 1/2 cup) and fibre content (8g per 1/2 cup). They also contain a number of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folate.

Health Benefits of Lupini Beans

The health benefits of lupini beans are numerous. First off, they contain high levels of dietary fibre which can aid digestion and help regulate blood sugar levels. Additionally, they contain plant-based omega-3 fatty acids which can help reduce inflammation throughout the body as well as support heart health. Finally, lupini beans are naturally gluten free which makes them an excellent option for those with gluten sensitivities or Celiac Disease.

The Future Of The Lupini Bean Trend

Overall the legume market has been on the rise for the last few years with more people looking for healthy vegan options to add variety into their diet. Because lupini beans offer so many great nutritional benefits it is likely that this trend will continue into the future as more people learn about these little powerhouses!

This year has seen tremendous growth for the lupini-foods market, and leading brands Lupii, Brami, KaiZen and Cento Fine Foods are paving the way. In particular Duo's protein bars made from lupini beans gave them a major boost in 2020 which looks set to continue into 2021 with their newest launch of diverse pasta products. Meanwhile, fellow leaders on the scene Kaizen have also been making waves this year bringing high-protein pastas powered by vibrant lupin flour to our plates - all indications suggest it could be an absolute record breaking season!

Brami, founded in 2016, is redefining snacking with their lupini bean-based products. Their ready to snack marinated beans come in bold flavors like chili lime and garlic rosemary that pack a punch of protein for any on the go meal or afternoon pick me up. Similarly shaped dip flavours such as garlic rosemary and Italian pepper offer similar taste and texture to hummus but are made from hearty lupini beans instead! To keep innovating with this delicious Mediterranean pulse crop there has been recent releases such as the nationwide launch of Mediterranean Medley flavour at Whole Foods stores alongside an all new line of lupini bean flour pastas too.

With The Emergence of Plant-based Diets

With the emergence of plant-based diets, lupini beans have taken centre stage in comparison to other legumes commonly found Stateside. According to Isabelle Steichen, co-founder and CEO of Lupii, these protein powerhouses stand out due to their superior nutrition values and sustainability factor that are unmatched by many widely known beans such as chickpeas. She further states “When it comes to eating plant-based there seems an unfounded concern about a lack of essential proteins for balanced nutrients."

Today's sustainability-seeking consumers are looking to proteins beyond the traditional sources, as meat consumption is a major factor in climate change. Lupini beans present an intriguing and eco-conscious option – they can actually help keep our planet healthy! Regeneration International affirms that lupinis may reverse environmental damage by encouraging soil biodiversity and enriching organic matter levels.

Lupini Beans Are Here To Stay!

Thanks to their impressive nutritional content, robust flavor profile and a rapidly growing domestic market, 2021 will bring even higher demand for these small but mighty legumes. According Aaron Gatti of Brami: "Lupinis are highly sustainable, healthful and scrumptious - they truly deserve the title as 'queen bean'”. The future looks bright with fulfilling both the U.S consumption levels while also providing an eco friendly agricultural solution that everyone can benefit from.


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