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My Trendy Home Styling on a Budget: Low-cost, High-impact Tips!

I challenged myself to give our home a fresh look on a budget, and I have some tips to share with you. You can definitely add a trendy touch easily with just a few steps, like I did!

Swap Out Your Soft Furnishings for Trendy Colours

Invest in some new cushions, throws, and curtains to instantly breathe new life into your space. Opt for bold colors to make a statement, or if you are more into classic shades choose neutral tones for a more subtle update.

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Add Greenery

Adding greenery to your home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to spruce up your space. Houseplants not only add a touch of natural beauty to any room, but they also provide numerous health benefits, such as purifying the air and reducing stress levels. And with the variety of low-maintenance plants available, such as succulents and trailing ivy, you won't have to worry about constantly tending to them. Don't be afraid to go big with a statement plant, like a fiddle leaf fig or a tall snake plant. This will make a bold statement and add some drama to your space. With the right plant and the right placement, you can transform any room into a lush and inviting oasis.

Play With Lighting

I added some mood lighting with fairy lights, at our living room i added statement lamps or vintage fixtures. You can create a cozy atmosphere or highlight your favorite pieces of art and furniture with clever lighting. You wouldn't believe the verity of lightning solution you can find online! This is by far the most enjoyable online shopping I had!

Drum Shade Tall Lamp with Walnut Wood Finish

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Simply, Rearrange Your Furniture!

Sometimes all it takes to give your space a new look is to rearrange your furniture. Try creating new conversation areas, opening up your space by moving furniture away from walls or even repurposing items from other rooms.

Display Your Favorite Art and Objects

One of the simplest ways to bring personality and style into your home is by creating a gallery wall of your favorite art pieces, photos, or framed objects. I've found that displaying my kids' art adds a colorful and humorous touch to our home! I purchased a set of twin frames in different sizes, and together it looks just like a modern and chic gallery!

Gallery Wall Kit, Set of 10 with Assorted Size Frames

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And One More Tip - Use Pinterest as a Source of Inspiration, but Don't Use It to Much!

Yes, Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration, but let me tell you, it's like a buffet - too much of a good thing can make your head spin. With thousands of images at your fingertips, it's easy to get lost in the endless sea of pins and end up with a jumbled mess of styles and ideas.

So, my advice is to use Pinterest sparingly, like a pinch of salt. Pick out specific elements that speak to you and make them your own.


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