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It's Time to Get on Pinterest - the Shopping Intent Platform You'll Want to Be a Part of

Pinterest has become one of the most popular digital shopping intent platforms out there – allowing brands to capture shopper attention and direct them towards their product or service in an effective way. The question now is: how can you leverage Pinterest for your business? Here's why it's time to jump on board with this powerful platform.

The Business Side of Pinterest

  • As of Q4 of 2022, Pinterest's revenue and users are increasing steadily. With a total of five million more active users joined Pinterest in the final measurement period of last year, mainly from Europe.

  • Pinterest lost users in early 2021, after the COVID-induced boom in eCommerce activity of the previous year, but is now steadily building back up again, as it continues to refine its solutions around evolving shopping behaviours, including reach video content features .

  • Pinterest's emphasis on Idea Pins (short videos or slides) has helped boost the platform's appeal with younger audiences, and it says that Gen Z sessions grew much faster year over year than sessions from older demographics.

  • In 2023 Pinterest remains focused on shopping and highlighting relevant products to users, and is investing in live-stream shopping and presentation tools for Idea Pins.

Need Some Help Understanding Pinterest, and How to Win via Pins in 2023?

If you want to become a Pinterest pro, the newly revamped Pinterest Academy should be your go-to resource. With over 14 courses and 30 lessons packed with helpful advice about running successful advertising campaigns on the platform, it's sure to boost your expertise in no time! From understanding promotional formats ideal for Pinterest Ads to identifying how trends can help amplify success – get ready to level up as an expert Pin marketer.

Pinterest Trends Tools

Pinterest Trends can be a powerful tool to help enhance and boost your marketing strategy. For users looking to get into Pinterest marketing, research into Pinterest Trends is a great way to learn the platform and gain an understanding of how it could be beneficial for their brand. With 450 million Pinterest users seeking shopping inspiration, getting familiar with Pinterest Trends and leveraging them can help draw customers to your product or increase sales.

Checking in regularly on Pinterest Trends will give you vital insights on the latest trends, helping you stay one step ahead of competitors and increase traffic from customers. Pinterest Trends gives you access to valuable research that can help you make informed decisions about what appeals most to your customer base, allowing you to focus on projects that are more likely to drive growth for your business.

Here is Some Data About Pinterest's Demographics

  • Based on Pinterest traffic distribution by country, here are the top five locations: United States: 42.81% Brazil: 8.35% India: 3.82% China: 2.57% Argentina: 2.07%

  • The majority of Pinterest users live in the United States. Pinterest is the second most popular social media platform in the United States, so it should come as no surprise that most of its users live there.

  • Women make up the majority of Pinterest's audience.

  • In the UK, 45% of female respondents use Pinterest, compared to just 27% of males. It's the same in the United States, where 58.9 million women use Pinterest, compared to 32.6 million men.

  • In the UK, 55% of Pinterest users are aged 18-24, making up 55% of the total user base. Those ages 35-44 make up 49% of users, 55-64 make up 21% of users, and those 75+ are just 10% of Pinterest users.

  • It's no secret that Pinterest is pretty popular among millennials. A majority of Millennial women and 40% of Millennial men use the platform for inspiration.

Pinterest Shopping Statistics

With its shoppable pins, Pinterest is an increasingly popular platform for businesses to generate sales. Thanks to this simple feature, users can order products in just a few clicks! It's no wonder that more brands are taking advantage of the website. Let's look at some impressive stats on how well it's performing:

50% of U.S. Users Shop on Pinterest There's more to Pinterest than collecting inspiration from carefully curated boards. 50% of Pinterest users in the U.S. shop online using the social media platform. The number of people shopping on Pinterest even increased in the first half of 2020.

Nearly 9 in 10 Users are on Pinterest to Plan Purchases Besides making purchases, Pinterest has proven to be a great resource for planning future purchases. 9 in 10 users are using Pinterest in this way. There's no better place to find inspiration for your wardrobe, your home, or everything in between.

More Than 25% of Time Spent on Pinterest is Spent Shopping According to Pinterest, users spend more than 25% of their time shopping on the site. Therefore, businesses should create shoppable pins for the products they sell since they will increase their chances of making sales.

85% of Users Have Bought Something Based on Pins From Brands To prove that shopping on Pinterest is popular, 85% of users have seen pins from brands and have purchased products. It is possible for a business to secure some of those sales by putting their

pins in front of their target audience through Pinterest.

My Personals Tips For Pinterest Strategy

I have found that working with this platform consistently produces unexpected positive results. Remember this statistic: 97% of Pinterest searches do not include a specific brand name. Use this Pinterest statistic to shape your social media content strategy in the future. For a post to rank higher, you need to include relevant keywords in your title and description, even if people aren't conducting brand-related searches.

Instead of just focusing on sales, I recommend that you create a work strategy that promotes creativity and inspiration.

Pinterest Trends to Look Out for in 2023

  • [Food] Vitamin seaweed - In 2023, the sea will produce the hottest superfoods. Ocean-based foods and minerals have long been staples in Asian cultures, but Millennials and Gen X are increasingly turning to them for their health benefits. Green algae and nori, as well as seaweed snacks, are on the rise.

  • [Parenting] The fourth trimester -Providing support to parents during the infamous postnatal period - from new parent meals to essentials and gifts.

  • [Gender] Beyond baby blue and girly pink - Educate the next generation without binary thinking. Parents are practicing gender-neutral parenting using pronoun flashcards, gender flags, and self-identity art.

  • [Beauty] Crown Care- Get a head start on hair care in 2023 by going back to your roots. In this year's hair trends, a lot of attention will be paid to the scalp and crown. The use of terms such as "scalp treatment" and "clean scalp" shows an increase in searches from Gen X and Boomers.


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