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I Tested And Review The Kenmore Portable Carpet Cleaner & Pet Stain Remover

Okay, picture this: two adorable (yet mischievous) boys, two fluffy felines, and one perpetually shedding pup. My life is a kaleidoscope of cuddles, chaos, and a constant battle against fur tumbleweeds. 

Kenmore Portable Carpet Cleaner

That's where my new secret weapon – the Kenmore KW2001 – comes in! 

This little powerhouse tackles pet messes like a superhero. Setting it up was a breeze, with no confusing manuals or leaky connections – just plug-and-play magic.

  • Its compact size makes it a dream come true! It manoeuvres like a nimble ninja around furniture, quickly conquering carpet catastrophes and sofa stains.

  • The cord is long enough to reach even the remotest corners (a must in my furry-friend fortress), and the tools? Versatility personified. 

  • From the precision power of the tough stain tool to the wide path wizardry of the upholstery attachment, I'm equipped for any furry fiasco.

Kenmore Portable Carpet Cleaner review

And the best part? Cleaning it is as satisfying as watching the mess disappear—no wrestling with filters or scrubbing nozzles – just quick rinses and happy sighs.

So, if you're a fellow parent-pet tag team struggling against the tide of fur and flops, let me tell you, the Kenmore KW2001 is a game-changer. It's easy, effective, and a lifesaver for my sanity (and carpets). Trust me, this little machine is worth its weight in kibble!

my review on Kenmore Portable Carpet Cleaner

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Helpful review: Great little machine for pet & household stains!

"I decided to take a shot on Kenmore KW2001 after having to return my broken Bissell with only a few weeks of use. After 6 months of moderate use, this thing is great! It's super easy to use and is very quick and easy to take it apart to clean, ensuring that there are no lingering smells inside the unit. It has powerful suction (but delicate enough for upholstery) that does a great job getting to the root of the stain. My only 'con' to this unit, is that the attachments have a stiff bristle brush on them, and the stiff bristles may be too coarse to be brushing certain upholstered items (for example, our couch has a woven texture), but it works wonderfully on most everything else, even quick pick up on tile floors - it's become my mini indoor wet-vac for quick spill / accident clean up!" - Fedora

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Kenmore Portable Carpet Cleaner my review

Helpful review: Best I’ve ever used

"I just cleaned my king size mattress which has been in storage for a year and seven months. It had yellow oxidation stains on the front and water damage on the back. Now, the water damage stains are still there, but they have improved, and feel like the bed is clean. I’m super impressed by how little of the cleaning formula is needed. I decided to use three capfuls because two to five were recommended and I didn’t think the bed was dirty enough for the maximum but it needed a bit more than the minimum.
Despite saturating my entire bed, there was so much clean liquid left over. I was also impressed by that because I’ve gone through a lot of water and cleaning solution with Bissell products and the constant refilling for not even 1/4 of a full size mattress gets really irritating." - Lro

Get it from Amazon now: $112 & FREE Returns

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