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2021 Vacation Trends

In the coming year, the tourism model as we know it will change. The Global Wellness Summit reports that the current prominent trend in the world of tourism is vacations built around sustainability and personal wellbeing.

So what are 2021 tourists looking for? What are they willing to invest in?

Here are some interesting trends I have gathered regarding these fascinating trends

for 2021:

Sustainable Destination:

Like many other industries, the tourism industry needs to think of its role in the global economy when it comes to fighting the global climate crisis. To attract the next generation of tourists, tourism groups and resort managers must emphasize vacations that connect tourists with their environment in a sustainable way, and not in the artificial way it is done currently. Does this mean the next generation of tourists will want to sleep in straw huts and eat home cooked meals? Not exactly. When we’re talking about a luxury hotel or an exotic resort, organizations interested in creating long-term success should try to encourage social and ecological impacts on their destinations, by working with local suppliers and design with local materials as well as creating job opportunities for the population around the destination. Furthermore, campaigns that emphasize the true value behind traveling to a destination can attract young tourists interested in paying for a vacation that takes part in a cyclical and sustainable economy. It should be noted that being green is more than a fad; it gives tourists a pleasant sense of community in the vacation destination and adds a positive element to the experience of staying at a new and distant location.

You can learn more about this trend from this tourist company that specializes in ecologically aware trips for a wide variety of populations and budgets.

From Christmas Vacation to Wellness Vacation

Wellness tourism, comprised of spa treatments and rich healthy meals, is a trend that has been on the rise these past couple of years. However, until recently it was regarded as a trend for the wealthy, or for celebrating rare occasions (honeymoons, annual family vacations, etc.) In the post-COVID-19 era, wellness and self-care tourism will turn into a real category in tourism, and will have multiple consumerist subcategories. For instance, “a vacation with local extreme activities” or “a sightseeing vacation in nature post-COVID-19”, “local craft activity vacations” and many more. The tourists of the future are willing to pay for experiences and products that respect their interests and their new priorities. This trend offers many brands an opportunity to generate completely different revenues in areas that hadn’t existed in the field of hospitality before.

From Vacation to Workcation

Vacations that last more than 7 days and allow incorporation of business and pleasure will continue to be a huge trend in 2021. People will go on vacation for a month and more, just so they can combine a full-time job and relaxation at the same time. Stays of 7 nights and longer are currently 17.5% of all hotel bookings in the United States. The Betsy in Miami Beach reports that the increasing trend of people booking longer vacations is a phenomenon that applies to all generations. Young families hope to change their routine with a living space that will allow children to play and stay outside while their parents can keep working. Tourists in their 60’s look for a change of scenery by staying in a place with full hotel service. Furthermore, vacations that combine work and pleasure don’t have to be at distant or remote locations. In a survey published in October by Airbnb, data showed that 60% of people were interested in vacations that were within driving distance of their homes. This isn’t surprising considering 2020 was the year we learned everything we could about our own backyard. This seems to have been a fulfilling experience, since consumers apparently hope to stay close to home, and combine their usual day jobs with unusual routines.

Want to read more about this trend? This fascinating New York Times Magazine article will teach you all there is to know about it.

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