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Blob Mirror Esthetic: the Wavy Mirror Trend

You might already run into the fun and fresh wavy mirror style! It's becoming a really popular item that doubles up as stylish décor for the home!

The Impact of Social Media on Interior Design Trends

Since Covid-19 upended life as we knew it, our homes have become more than just places to retire for the night. This shift has ushered in a boom of interior design trends, emblematic styles, and interchanging palettes, all perpetuated by the scrolling power of Instagram. The platform has put stylish abodes and design know-hows on blast. But among these emerging trends, one particular furnishing piece has successfully ridden the wave to lasting effect - the statement mirror.

You might already run into the fun and fresh wavy mirror style! It's becoming a really popular item that doubles up as stylish décor for the home!

Statement Mirrors: More than just Reflections

Not just an eye-grabbing essential for documenting your nonchalant ‘fit of the day’, statement mirrors have evolved to become stylish side-pieces in young adults living spaces. As seen on the feeds of It girls like, these reflective surfaces have become veritable personality traits. And make no mistake: statement mirrors aren’t just mirrors anymore. They're pieces of art, with a touch of postmodernism and an element of kitsch that add a unique dimension to any room.

You might already run into the fun and fresh wavy mirror style! It's becoming a really popular item that doubles up as stylish décor for the home!

Blob Mirror: The Star of the Show

With its organic shape that defies traditional design rules, this mirror isn’t just a mirror; it’s a reflection of our times, a statement piece that speaks volumes about the design ethos that values uniqueness and creativity.

Aesthetic and Functionality of Blob Mirror

Its asymmetrical, irregular form makes it not just a mirror but a unique work of art, adding a touch of whimsy and personal flair to any room. The frameless look of the Blob Mirror, coupled with its painted and polished wooden backing, provides a seamless and streamlined aesthetic that can blend into any décor style, be it minimalistic, contemporary, or boho-chic.

I Found Some Cool Wavy Mirrors Online, and I'm Sure You'll Like Them Too!

Obviously, I am looking for mirrors that are both original and functional. Here are a couple of options that capture these two perimeters, and added a few testimonials, so we are sure of the quality as well!

Full Body, Soft Frame Wavy Mirror

200$ on Amazon & Free Returns

This mirror style is a classic example of the trend! It will give your home a fresh look without being too extravagant. The full length mirror frame is made of wood. The frame is wrapped in sponge-filled flannel. These materials making the entire mirror looks very upscale.

A Supportive Review:

"I am shocked by the quality of this mirror for under $200. The velvet is gorgeous in person and it is incredibly sturdy. I have seen reviews about not having things on the back to hang so they must have listened and updated. It is really heavy so if you want to hang it make sure you have a stud. It’s weight allows it to stay tilted on the ground too without moving around."

Organic Shape, Wavy Mirror for Modern Look

58$ on Amazon & Free Returns

This organic asymmetrical shape is an eye-catching addition to any room! I'll definitely recommend putting it in your hallway or bedroom. If your home needs a touch of modern design, this mirror will not only serve a functional purpose, but also stand out as a striking centerpiece!

A Supportive Review:

"It is so pretty and brought so much life to my room. I got it to add more style and it 100% did the job"

Brass Framed Wall Mirror 139$ on Amazon & Free Returns

I can't say enough good things about this mirror! You might like this if you're leaning towards a minimalist aesthetic. The sleek, contemporary design matches a wide range of décor styles.

My opinion is that it is more than a mirror - it is a home accessory that elevates any room with its subtle elegance. A Supportive Review:

"Gorgeous mirror! It’s a subtle yet striking statement piece. The mirror itself is heavy and feels like it’s made of good quality materials. I especially love the brass-gold frame. Some cheap gold frames can look so tacky, but this is a very sophisticated, muted brass that blends beautifully with my color scheme"

My Closing Thoughts

I appreciate pieces that offer this perfect balance of beauty and functionality with a touch of GREAT modern aesthetics. And let me tell you, this trend is catching on fast. From the stylish living spaces of Instagram influencers to the top trending interior item in Pinterest! Blob Mirrors are making waves.


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